A Visit to Kusu, 18 Oct 2008

Time really flies. It’s the month of Kusu pilgrimage again. Last Saturday, I visited Pulau Kusu with friends and pilgrims from the Taoism-Singapore mailing list. Many thanks to Victor for organizing this wonderful annual trip.

Here are some photos I took during the trip:

Marina South Pier looking busier than usual

Members of Taoism-Singapore going to the Tua Pek Kong Temple

Faithful devotees at the temple

Souvenir stalls

Kusu Keramat

Musical performance by Nanyin 南音

While looking at the photos I took, I could still clearly remember my visit to the island last year for my research: my interviews with Madam Sim, pilgrims and stall vendors. My visit this time was quite different. Not only because I was not there to conduct my research, but because Madam Sim is no longer around… RIP Madam Sim.

The late Madam Sim and me, 22 Sep 2007

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